SkyOptics launches Aerial Surveying

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SkyOptics Ltd launches Aerial Surveying for the Public, Constructions and Environemental Sectors.
Carrying our high resolution camera on our OSC Reduced Distance approved aircraft (requiring only a 10m safety distance for takeoff), we are capturing incredibly detailed imagery. Ideal for land and building survey, using automated, fully repeatable flights.
This image shows a section of a fully automated recent survey flight, the blue box on the ground is the full frame camera footprint, showing exactly what the high resolution camera is capturing during the flight and producing a final survey image showing every detail of the surveyed area for client analysis.
Ideal for industrial roof insulation warranty inspection, Tree Preservation Surveys, Progress Reporting and more, reducing cost and increasing speed of deliverables.
SkyOptics Ltd is one of very operators CAA OSC approved. Using this approval, we can operate our UAVs in tight, congested areas requiring just a 10m safety distance to launch and land the UAV.

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