SkyOptics aerial surveys are providing our clients with rapid, professional, high resolution and accurate orthomosaic imagery. Covering 10 acres in just 15 minutes SkyOptics aircraft, operated by a professional photographer and ex-airline pilot, quickly and safely provide you with answers to building surveys, Tree Preservation Orders and planning investigations. 

Our aircraft can be rapidly on-site and charged from our deployment vehicle, meaning no matter how remote the location, we are ready to cover whatever area you need.  Using a high resolution Super35 sensor, our drone will rapidly and safely survey the area required, operated by our remote pilot, Colin Lloyd. As professional photographer of over 20 years and an ex-airline pilot with over 8000 flight hours, you can be assured of a professional and high quality survey. 

The images captured at location are processed into a dense point cloud before being rendered out as a highly detailed Orthomosiac image and delivered to the client digitally. Aerial surveys provide quick and detailed answers to many questions including planning inspections, progress reports, roof surveys, TPOs and more.