What we’re about

SkyOptics Ltd is an Award Winning (we like to get that in where we can!), Lancashire based aerial photography and filming company. Our founder Col Lloyd is an experienced commercial photographer and has also been an airline pilot for over 10 years, bringing a wealth of creative and safety knowledge.

SkyOptics use carefully selected drones, combined with a highly trained pilot, high spec OSC approved aircraft and a civil aviation derived robust safety system, to set the highest standards in operational quality and product delivery… However, most of all… We love striving to surpass our clients expectations, creating high end aerial images and films for our customers!

Our pilot is RUSTA trained and an NQE trainer & examiner with years of flying experience. We operate as a team on most jobs, with the pilot operating the aircraft, accompanied by our photographer, to allow independent UAV and camera operation. Or we can operate as single pilot depending on the requirements. This combination of over 15 years of imaging creativity and piloting experience gives you the confidence to know that the aerial shots that you require are the shots that we will produce.

We love what we do at SkyOptics and we want our customers to feel the same. So let us help you stand above the rest and use our ‘Creativity from Above’.

What we do

We specialise in aerial photography & cinematography, creating beautiful, artistic images required for print and screen, razor sharp images for promotional material and cinematic aerial filming. We also provide ground filming to compliment the aerial work using high end, stabilised gimbals.

We use two aircraft depending on the requirements. For filming we mostly use our Inspire 2 aircraft with X7 Super35 camera – capable of filming 6K RAW or 5.7k ProRes. Our second aircraft is the highly regarded Freefly Alta 6. This is used in combination with our Movi M15 gimbal to carry our Fujifilm X-H1. It can also be used to fly Alexa Mini, Sony FS5 or Panasonic EVA cameras with Cine lenses.

Our aircraft are fitted with HD digital video downlinks, so the camera feed can be controlled and viewed directly on the ground, without interference or lag on Atomos and CrystalSky monitors.

We are one of only 1% of UK operators granted an Operating Safety Case by the CAA – reducing our required safety distances due to our technical and procedural systems, meaning we can operate safely and legally in tighter, more congested areas needing just 10m from the public to launch.

If you’re thinking of using aerial imagery, please get in touch for a chat, we’re always happy to talk drones!


Professional Images

Established in 2015, at SkyOptics our pilot and Image Specialist are trained professional photographers. Combined with our professional Full Frame 42MP camera, Zeiss and G-Master lenses, we create beautifully rich photographic images  to meet your needs.

OSC Approved

Our safety procedures & systems have been evaluated by the CAA, resulting in us gaining special OSC approval, reducing the required separation distance to people and buildings. Practically this means we can operate in tighter locations, with less restrictions and disruption than a standard commercial permission allows.

Fully Insured & Approved

Our operational has been fully approved and compliant with all CAA regulations and permissions since 2015 and insured for £5m public liability.

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Highly Trained UAV Pilot

Our UAV Pilot is a current airline pilot with a major european airline and a trainer and examiner at one of the countries biggest drone training companies. Implementing the highest operating standards at every stage of our operation and fully insured for £5m Public Liability, means you’re in safe hands with SkyOptics Ltd.

Approved by the Civil Aviation Authority

All of our technology, operations and procedures have been examined and fully approved for commercial use by the Civil Aviation Authority, with additional reductions in distances by over 60% to standard commercial operators. This means we need just 10 metres to launch, reduced from the standard 30 metres!

Operational Excellence & Passion for Creativity

We strive for operational excellence at every stage of our operation. Using stringent operating procedures and a highly experienced pilot means we operate at the highest standards every time and our many years of photographic experience means you get creativity from above every time we fly.

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